Jasmine Lorenzini


Jasmine Lorenzini is currently research fellow at the Institute of Citizenship Studies at the University of Geneva where she leads this Ambizione research project on food consumption and political activism in Switzerland.

Jasmine Lorenzini holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Geneva. Her doctoral research entitled “Unemployment and Citizenship: Social and Political Participation of Unemployed Youth in Geneva” addresses the consequences of long-term unemployment for youth political participation. Using both quantitative and qualitative analyses, she proposes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the consequence of long-term unemployment for political participation. In particular, she proposes a thorough understanding of the process of unemployed youth political participation by testing mechanisms related to social inclusion and personal well-being.

During her post-doctoral research, Jasmine worked at the European University Institute in Florence as post-doctoral researcher on Hanspeter Kriesi's ERC Advanced Grant: POLCON - Political Conflict in Times of Crisis. In the framework of this project, she analyzed protest in times of economic and political crisis across European regions and countries. Before that, in the framework of her doctoral studies, Jasmine Lorenzini worked on YOUNEX – a European research project on “Youth, Unemployment, and Exclusion” financed by the European Commission under the seventh framework program and coordinated by Marco Giugni at the university of Geneva. Furthermore, in the finale phase of her Ph.D. Jasmine Lorenzini has been visiting scholar at the Center for the Study of Democratic Citizenship at McGill University in Montréal and in the research unit “Skill Formation and Labor Market” at the WZB in Berlin. At the University of Geneva, she also worked as a post-doctoral researcher on the Horizon 2020 project LIVEWHAT  – Living with Hard Times, under the coordination of Marco Giugni, and served as deputy lecturer, teaching courses on research methods and political behavior.

Jasmine Lorenzini’s research interests include: political participation, social movements, consumption, sustainable practices, inequalities, labor market inclusion, and citizenship. 

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